Blog Post: Spring is around the Corner

I always love hearing what people’s favourite season is. The answers always vary, with either Summer Autumn Winter or Spring. But there is something special about Spring. The new beginnings, the end of a cold winter and the anticipation of the blossoming flowers to come. Where I come from, it’s where we see ladies flaunt their beautiful spring dresses.

There is a great deal of hope in the changing of the season and I love it. It presents the last quarter of the year. Things have flown by this year and it’s incredibly exciting. But I know some people just watched this year go by and didn’t get round to doing any of the things they had set out to do. While that may cause frustration and disappointment and result in the decision to rather wait for next year to get started.  I say NOT THIS TIME! Not you! You can choose to wait until next year and I can tell you right now, things will most likely remain the same. Time is not what changes things, ACTION is what is important. The time will pass either way. Make the most of this final quarter. Whatever desire is in your heart, don’t shut it down. Don’t let the noise outside stop you from doing what you want to do in YOUR LIFE!

Looking back at my life a year ago and comparing it to where I am today, I’ve grown so much. I was able to stand on my two feet in a foreign country and am about to have my first book published. I successfully booked speaking gigs and am developing myself as a speaker. In all of this, I am one semester away from my Masters degree. There is no perfect window of opportunity. You make do with what you have and do things anyway. I would like you to join me on this journey. You can blossom just like those flowers in the form of you saying YES to your dream and YES to your capabilities! Open yourself up to pursuing your passion. It doesn’t have to be a full-time thing but find a way to satisfy that itch that you have. Remember there is a season for everything. While nature is blooming, it may be your time to harvest. But remember, you won’t have to harvest forever. Your season to bloom will come too! Don’t wait any longer. Start right now!  Spring is around the corner. Let’s GO! 

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